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Our certified food allergy coaches are not only given the education on  managing medically necessary diets but they each have personal experience. An AllerCoach(TM) covers the gray areas, after leaving the emergency room or the doctor's office.  We help families, individuals, and institutions implement the day to day life management changes required for individuals with medically required diets to stay safe, live healthfully, and have a functional life. We are experts in managing multiple food allergies outside of the BIG 10.    


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"We chose an AllerCoach because there is so much more to life than just diet plans when managing multiple food allergies." ~mother of food allergic child

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The individuals listed below are graduates of our 14-week certification course hosted by the International Food Allergen Management Academy and have passed with a 90% or higher score.  Coaches have been trained in food allergen management for individuals managing that diesease or any of the following diseases that require a change in dietary needs where life activities are significantlcted. y imapa  FPIES, celiac, food intolerance, FODMAP, EOE and related diseases caused by food.  Every AllerCoach is an independently, owned and operated business.  


AllerCoach is a certification & accreditation program ONLY.  Coaches not listed are either not active or have not passed the requirements.  You can contact each coach directly. Individuals listed below are not in any specific order.  Coaches operate vitually & on a face to face basis as needed. To check a coaches status, please contact us at 

Jennifer Joy Johnson

Jennifer is a Certified Health Coach and founder of Joy of Eating Food Allergy 

Consulting based in Glenview,  IL. She has been managing both Eosinophilic Esophagitis and several food allergies for over 10 years. Her mission is to transition those living food allergic diseases to thriving! 


  • Advertising Executive for several Fortune 500 clients, 8+ years

  • Creative Consultant for 4+ years

  • Spin and Barre Instructor 

  • Mother of three awesomely strong, allergic kids

  • Health and Wellness Enthusiast

Dee Dee Vicino

Founder & CEO                                                    


Fort Collins, CO

Managing Food Allergies:  26 years

Worst Fear:  Misinformation Leading to Crisis

My Why:  When I was a young mother managing my children’s food allergies, there were very few resources and there was no Google.  Today, we are flooded with information espoused by Facebook groups and so-called industry experts. My goal is to sift through the mire of inter-web info and provide newly diagnosed with the sound, well-researched information, coping strategies, and life skills derived from reputable and respectable sources so that they can make intelligent decisions regarding the safety and care of their children and families. And I work with schools, too.  And restaurants. And businesses. And anyone interested in managing food allergies and other special dietary needs.

  • Educational Professional for 8+ years:  Well versed in IEPs, 504 Plans, and Bullying Issues

  • Former Director of Education and Training for AllerTrain

  • Founded AllerCuisine in 2018 (Food Allergy Management)

  • Community Activist

  • International Public Speaker: Member Women’s Speaker Association, Toastmasters

  • Conference for Food Protection:  Member Allergen Notification Committee

  • Mother of 2 talented, intelligent and supremely witty now-adult kids

Krystal Merchant

KM Food Management Coaching

Mount Gambier South Australia

Managing food allergies: 10 years

Worst fear: Misinformation through lack of education

My why: I chose to follow my personal experience with allergies into being able to help others traveling this same path. The more my children are involved in school & sports the more I see the gap in inclusiveness, education & awareness for allergy children and their families. My passion is knowing I can help others and make their lives easier, I love being able to make a difference.

  • 9yrs self-employed with our building company, Merchys Building & Construction.

  • Certificate 2 & 3 in Retail, 8 years retail experience.

  • Certificate in Nutrition & Diet

  • Certificate in Wellness Coaching

  • 2 years hospitality, customer service & finance.

  • Administration in busy business accountants in SA & WA.

  • Mum of 4 beautiful kids - Wil, Elsie, Alfie & Arthur. Wife of 12years to Ben.

Susan Bailey

Susan is owner of Cygnet Organizing LLC in the Chicago, IL area. She has been managing a household of Celiac and multiple food allergies for over 10 years. She is a member of the National Association of Productivity & Organizing Professionals and serves as the Chicago Chapter’s Director of Membership. As an AllerCoach she can use her organizing and productivity knowledge to help those newly diagnosed find flow in their new lifestyle.  

Rima Patel

Rima is based out of Portland, OR. Her goal is to help others reach a higher state of confidence and gain victory over the challenges of daily food allergen management issues through mindfulness and lifestyle management. She, like many mothers, felt helpless and scared when her daughter was diagnosed with multiple food allergies. She didn’t know where to begin managing the disease and felt fearful all the time.  She was able to turn that fear and anxiety into actionable solutions to manage her allergies and educate others. Rima helps others become confident and learn to advocate for themselves while managing the disease.


  • 9 years managing multiple food allergies 

  • Personal chef 

  • Managing Type 2 diabetes for 9 years with diet and exercise

  • MBA in Accounting

  • Certified in Plant-Based Nutrition from e-Cornell University

  • National Academy of Sports Medicine Fitness Nutrition Specialist


Tiffany has been managing food allergies for 38 years personally between herself and her child. She is based out of Ohio. Tiffany specializes in helping adults with food allergies as well as parents of food allergic children navigate the daily challenges of having food allergy disease. She has a great approach that is both professional and passionate when working with clients. 

Lori is based out of New York. She speaks 4 languages (English, Spanish, French & Farsi) Through support, education, inspiration and coaching, Lori aims to empower those living with food allergies & to promote more sensitive, informed and inclusive communities. She has 9 years of food allergy management experience, managing 10 food allergies. She is an educator, community advocate, social worker and coach.

Susan has been managing multiple food allergies since 2001, as a food allergy mom. She is based out of Providence, RI. Her experience with her family’s food allergies, fueled her passionate to help others find ways to navigate through life’s transitions. Instead of focusing on obstacles, she  believes in finding ways  to strategize to live our lives the way we chose.

As your coach, she will challenge you to PACE yourself; gain Perspective, increase Awareness, be Curious, and feel Empowered.  Let me assist you in bridging the gap between you and your goals. Contact me today.

Susan's credentials are as follows: 

  • MSW (Masters in Social Work) and MA (Masters in Human Development) from Boston College

  • Certified Allercoach(™)

  • CPC (Certified Professional Coach) from iPEC (Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching)

  • Certified in the iPEC Energy Leadership Index

  • Medical research assistant for Occupational Health Initiatives (OHI)

  • Previously worked as a Health & Safety Coordinator for Laborers’ International Union of North America (LIUNA)

Tami Pyles

Tami owns Thrive On Consulting in Louisville, KY.  She is also a food allergy mom who has managed 

multiple food allergies for over 6 years.  Her background in food allergy management and advocacy coupled with her professional experience in coaching and training allows her to work with clients to overcome fears, put safe practices into place, and Thrive On with food allergies. 


Cindy Rouse

Cindy Rouse is based out of Atlanta, GA area. As the mother of a child with special needs and extensive food allergies, she understands how life-altering managing food allergies can be. Her goal is to help people understand that they have choices and can enjoy everyday life while managing their food allergies.


  • Managed million dollar business for the Neiman Marcus Group

  • Founder and CEO of Over the Top Designs, a creative art enterprise

  • Parent of a medically complex child with multiple diagnoses and learning disabilities

  • Managed multiple food allergies for my children for 12 years

  • Currently cooking for a child with 51 identified food intolerances who is also extremely picky

  • Knowledgeable about and have participated in IEP and 504 meetings

Traci Garde owns Food Allergy Solutions, LLC, which is based out of Sandy Springs/Atlanta, GA.  Traci has over 20 years of experience managing multiple food allergies and asthma with her two daughters.  Traci is dedicated to educating and empowering those dealing with food allergies to navigate life with confidence, and works together with clients to create a road map to overcome the daily challenges of living with a food allergy diagnosis.

Alison is our first bi-coastal AllerCoach (TM). She is a native of Southern California but resides in New York. She intends to develop her practice in both locations. Alison is founder of  May I speak with the Chef. She began the program as an adult onset Food Allergic Adult who struggled within the food allergy community to find the resources specific to her needs, that she realized many others also shared.  Her focus is to help reach the teen-20's group of individuals who want to have fun and enjoy their life despite the disease. Alison lives by her own rules and shows people how to travel, go out for a night on the town and work in a corporate setting while safely managing multiple food allergies. 

Co-founder and leader of Alergias con Amor. Ines is the first Costa Rican and Latinamerican food allergy coach and current member of the  Allergy Management Local Committee for Food Industry, in which she works with Academy, Industry, Testing Laboratories and Consumers.  She speaks Spanish, Portuguese  & English, and has served 350+ clients in Latin America to date. She also manages multiple food allergies for her 2 children, for over 7 years now. Her mission is that all individuals with food allergies, get to have an inclusive, fear free and safe quality of life for their health condition, throughout, empower them, develop responsible suppliers and by the advocacy for accessible health services and representing the consumers in the surveillance for transparent labeling of food products.

Mission Viejo, CA

Jaclyn was born and raised in California. Jaclyn has over 10 years of managing food allergies with her family. Her husband and two young children experience anaphylactic reactions to multiple foods; along with both of her children having Eosinophilic Esophagitis.

● Jaclyn started My Simple Palate; a nonprofit organization Dedicated to Educating the community on allergies, Raising Awareness to rare diseases and Advocating against Bullying

● Licensed Vocational Nurse of over 10 years

● Published Author

● Business Member with the Mission Viejo Chamber of Commerce

● Public Speaker for Allergies, Rare Diseases and Advocate against Bullying

● Current Passions include Healthy living, ½ marathons, boy scout leader and school PTA


Corinna is from Calgary, Alberta, Canada. She owns Friendly Pantry and has 10 years experience managing life threatening food allergies.  Corinna is the first Canadian based AllerCoach(TM).  She has gone above and beyond in her food allergy education, taking courses in both countries to help food service professionals and individuals.  She is the founder of Friendly Pantry; where she offers hope and confidence by teaching people how to overcome the everyday obstacles of food allergic living. 

Kansas City, MO

With 10 years experience in healthcare & 6 years managing multiple food allergies and intolerances, Meg is a strong professional dedicated full time to her food allergy consulting/coaching practice. Based out of Kansas City, Meg is able to help clients in both MO & KS. Meg is CEO of My Food Allergy Partners LLC. 

Dana Al-Salah

Amman, Jordan

Dana is our very first middle eastern AllerCoach(TM).  She resides in Amman, Jordan where she has been managing food allergies for 7 years. She is owner and operator of AllerLiving and Kids with Food Allergies Jordan. In addition to food allergies she is Montessori and kindermusik certified. She is passionate about helping provide help to families and individuals struggling in the Middle East, where they lack simple things like mandatory medication.  

Jenn DiMercurio

Jenn is a passionate, professional advocate with 6 years expeirence managing multiple food allergies, 8 years in legal advocacy, and 7 years in food service prep.  Her mission is, to empower other families merely surviving and guide them through with care, knowledge and encouragement to a place of solutions. Jenn is based out of Pennsylvania.

Kristen Nevdal

Kristen is based out of Illinois.  She has been an attorney or 9 years while managing food allergies as a caregiver for 5 years. Kristen founded Living Free Allergy Consulting after graduating the AllerCoach (TM) Program in April 2017. Allergy coaching and management is one way she feels she can help people who feel lost and overwhelmed diagnosed with a food allergy. "I want to help people understand how to manage those allergies in a way that allows them to feel free again," Kristen says. 

Lisa Elliot

Graduate Aug 2017

Lisa lives in Clearwater, FL, Tampa Bay area. She has over 7 years experience managing food allergies and EOE as a parent of twin boys. Her impressive educational background also contributes to her ability to help others.

Her qualifications are as follows:

  • Master of Arts in Counseling and Psychology

  • Bachelor of Social Work (B.S.W.)

  • Certified AllerCoach (TM) 


She is a self-taught home cook, cake decorator in training, and mom to remarkable twin boys. Her biggest challenge/struggle in life has been staying positive while managing her boys' EOE.

Lisa's other interest: family time, sports, fitness, movies, all things jazz and blues, food and wine tasting, self-help, and promoting self-sufficiency

Kate Switzer

Graduate Aug 2017

Based out of Seattle, Washington, Kate has been managing food allergies to tree nut and peanut since she was 2 years oldShe has 10+ year experience living with food intolerances and has been through several elimination diets, and various gut protocols (Paleo, FODMAPs, Candidiasis, and Microbial Reset Diet). 

My Why: Since my first peanut butter and jelly sandwich at age 2, I have been living with food allergies. I have also accumulated some food sensitivities as an adult. Having grown up in a family that loves to cook and enjoys good food, I have refused to let allergies and intolerances stop me from exploring the world as a curious foodie. I’m also a life long health nerd who thrives on learning new things. I want to use these two passions to help others enjoy and nourish themselves with what they can eat.

Other Notable Efforts and Talents:

-Wellesley College graduate

-Master’s in public health at the University of Washington

-Member of a Seattle Children’s Hospital Guild, fundraising for the awesome Odessa Brown Clinic

-Traveled to India for 3 weeks and managed my 7+ food allergies/sensitivities successfully


Kelsie is located in Abilene, TX. She manages her own  food allergies, works as an EMS professional, is involved with local farmer’s markets and is a new mother. Her goal is to help others learn to live freely despite their diagnosis with food allergies. She believes life is meant for living and with coaching and consulting help, even a person managing a life threatening condition should be able to enjoy it. 


Shoshana owns DC Food Allergy Coach. She has been managing food allergies and special dietary needs for over 5 years.  Her objective is to offer allergy sufferers and their caregivers practical and straightforward steps in all spheres and stages of life. This coach is based out of Washington D.C.

Dee Olsen

Dee is based out of New York, NY. She has been navigating food allergies with her children for 12+ years. ​ Dee has been an active member of FARE, works with Chinese Medicine for Food Allergies, & was a volunteer and community activist for inner city youth STARTRACK cycling club. Her goal is to help people navigate the complex world of food allergies. 

Sabina Furman

New Jersey based, Sabina started her food allergy consulting practice with a love for cooking and a desire to work with foodservice establishments. She has been managing food allergies for 6 years. Sabina also has a background in healthcare.  She really wants to connect food allergic adults and families to specific solutions designed to meet their lifestyles. 

Valary Dreyer

I became a nurse for my love of helping people, educating patients and families and the fast-paced, professional healthcare career. Although I treated hundreds of allergic and anaphylactic patients it was when Food Allergy Anaphylaxis Education and Awareness became MY world as a mom that I quickly realized what a challenging life it is to live. This is especially true for people with no previous medical or nutritional knowledge and/or limited support. There are over 220 million people with this disease and almost daily I am able to increase awareness and education for an allergic patient, their loved ones, schools, and within my community.

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The next 14- week certification program begins in May 2019. To become a certified Food Allergy Coach, read more about the program and requirements, click here. 




Our classes in food allergy managment are designed to help the foodservice industry provide safe, quality expeirences for 220 million people worldwide with food allergies.   


For chefs and foodservice managers,  we do a hands on interactive course along with classroom style learning.